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Endless Ocean is a simple, serene swim on the Switch

A screenshot from the video game Endless Ocean Luminous.
Image: Nintendo

The best way to experience Endless Ocean Luminous is to just swim. A follow-up to a series of scuba diving games on the Wii, Luminous has a story to play through and goals to accomplish. But they’re fairly mundane. Instead, the game is at its most interesting — and relaxing — when you let go of specific goals and just explore for the sake of exploring.

What makes Luminous so chill, at least when you’re going for a solo dive, is that it’s completely open-ended and devoid of roadblocks. You’re given a huge swath of the so-called Veiled Sea to explore (the game generates a new map with each dive), and you don’t have to worry about monitoring your oxygen, getting too cold, or running into a dangerous shark. There’s no way to die or even get…

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