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AI deepfakes are cheap, easy, and coming for the 2024 election

Black and yellow collage of Joe Biden and Donald Trump
Image: The Verge

Our new Thursday episodes of Decoder are all about deep dives into big topics in the news, and this week, we’re continuing our miniseries on one of the biggest topics of all: generative AI.

Last week, we took a look at the wave of copyright lawsuits that might eventually grind this whole industry to a halt. Those are basically a coin flip — and the outcomes are off in the distance, as those cases wind their way through the legal system. A bigger problem right now is that AI systems are really good at making just believable enough fake images and audio — and with tools like OpenAI’s new Sora, maybe video soon, too.

And of course, it’s once again a presidential election year here in the US. So today, Verge policy editor Adi Robertson…

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