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Ahsoka’s finale gets by on magic and mythology

A still photo from the TV series Ahsoka.
Image: Lucasfilm

Over the course of eight episodes… not a lot really happens in the first season of the Star Wars spinoff Ahsoka. There’s plenty of searching for a map and then getting to the destination on that map, but in a lot of ways, the show felt like moving pieces around on a board, setting them up for future adventures. And yet, I found myself really enjoying it — less for narrative reasons and more because the show leans into the mysticism and mythology of Star Wars in a way that’s often ignored by the plentiful shows and movies. This is a Star Wars story full of witchcraft and folklore — and nowhere is that more apparent than in its finale.

First, a little setup. The first season of Ahsoka has been almost entirely about one thing: a race to…

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