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Polaroid’s new I-2 is its most capable — and expensive — instant camera

Photo by Antonio G. Di Benedetto / The Verge

Polaroid has announced a new high-end instant camera dubbed the Polaroid I-2 today. According to Polaroid, the $599.99 I-2 is the company’s most capable instant camera yet, with built-in manual controls and the sharpest new lens it’s ever produced.

The I-2 boasts a three-element autofocusing lens, which Polaroid claims should produce sharper photos than any of its other instant cameras. Meanwhile, the lidar (light detection and ranging) sensor should be able to automatically adjust the lens based on how far away the subject is, even in low-light settings, allowing for more accurate focus. It’s a lot of tech for a camera that uses a decades-old instant film system.

The new lens, to an extent, could address one of my personal pet peeves…

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