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Here’s how Bambu will fix its 3D printers that began printing by themselves

An image showing Bambu’s X-1 Carbon Combo 3D printer.
Users woke to find that their Bambu printers created designs all by themselves. | Image: Bambu

Bambu will issue multiple fixes for the unusual bug that caused some of its 3D printers to start pumping out designs by themselves — and in some cases, damaging the printer in the process. In an official blog post, Bambu details multiple new features that could prevent the 3D printers from going rogue in the future.

On Wednesday, some Bambu users woke to find that their 3D printers had created new unwanted prints overnight — without any prompts or supervision by users. Not only did those prints damage some devices when they attempted to print a second design atop ones they already printed out but it also raised concerns about potential fire risks. Bambu traced the issue back to a cloud server outage — specifically, they sent extra MQTT…

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