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In Final Fantasy XVI, you can command the dog (and a whole lot more)

Screenshot from Final Fantasy XVI showing Clive petting his faithful hound Torgal.
Square Enix

Not to be outdone by Tears of the Kingdom in the summer video game blockbuster hype generation category, Final Fantasy XVI got its own State of Play, showcasing over 20 minutes of gameplay.

Final Fantasy XVI is a beautiful game, both within the cutscenes and gameplay. The combat looked slick and exciting. Clive flipped, dipped, and parried with a satisfying flourish, perfectly in line with the developers’ stated goal of making Final Fantasy XVI feel like a “high-speed rollercoaster.” The presentation went into detail on some of the smaller activities Clive can get up to when he’s not saving the world or doing whatever it is Clive does, as we’re not quite sure what his motivation is yet. Knowing the typical cadence of Final Fantasy…

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