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TikTok will limit teens to 60 minutes screen time a day (but you can turn the limit off)

A TikTok logo surrounded by jazzy lines and colorful accents
TikTok will also soon roll out similar features available to all users to allow for better screen time management. | Illustration by Nick Barclay / The Verge

TikTok has announced a batch of new features intended to reduce screen time and improve the well-being of its younger users.

In the coming weeks, a daily screen time limit of 60 minutes will be automatically applied to every TikTok user under 18 years old. Teens that hit this limit will be asked to enter a passcode to continue watching. They can disable the feature entirely, but if they do so and spend more than 100 minutes on TikTok a day, they’ll be asked to set a new limit.

TikTok claims these prompts increased the use of its screen time management tools by 234 percent during the feature’s first month of testing. Teens will also be sent an inbox notification each week that recaps their screen time, allowing younger users to be aware…

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