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Ford focuses on mobile services to help more customers escape dealership trips

a white ford mobile service truck is parked on the street in front of a brick and stone home with a red ford vehicle in the driveway. A woman wearing a burnt Sienna blazer is gesturing towards her car for a man in automobile service uniform. She’s holding a laptop, probably because she works from home.
A Ford owner getting service at home — and looking ecstatic to not need to drive to the dealership they probably hate. | Image: Ford

Ford is ramping up its remote service offerings to save customers a trip to their dealership for things like oil changes and recall repairs. The updated program promises that more Ford owners nationwide can get access to complimentary pickup and delivery of their vehicles, as well as mobile repair options.

Mobile services from Ford won’t operate from a central location, though. It will still be up to dealerships to offer remote services and to choose what services to provide at a customer’s home or business. Ford is, however, lending dealers a hand to get the services up and running. “We’ve been working with multiple teams at Ford to offer our customers more ways to personalize vehicle service,” stated Ford National Dealer Council…

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